We are VENZO'sdigital garage

We are experts at delivering fast benefits using the newest technologies.

What we do

Using Hyperscale Cloud we help our customers wrangle data, develop software, integrate services and adopt agile and DevOps processes.


Data & AI

We love data and deliver everything from modern data flows to computer vision and conversational AI.

Cloud Scale Software

Using the newest cloud building blocks we help our customers accelerate software development.

Integration services

We take great care integrating our solutions into our customers ecosystem.

Agile & DevOps

We use agile and a modern DevOps process to deliver all our projects and often help our customers adopt these processes and tools!

Chatbots & Voicebots

Using the newest most advanced natural language processing (AI) we have built a number of bots for our clients, helping them achieve massive savings in customer care while maintaining a high CSAT.

DevOps Implementation and transformation

We have a proven track record in enterprise environments, including regulated industries, of implementing robust DevOps, both processes and tooling.

Document analysis

Going way beyond classic OCR, we help our clients not only find text in documents but also understand the meaning and classify the document types. All of this is of course built into highly automated workflow systems.

Computer vision

We are experts at analysing image data whether static images or video. We have built everything from highly critical clinical analysis systems for handling patient image data, to traffic analysis systems based on drone video feeds.

Data engineering

Many of our clients have data locked in silos and legacy on-premises systems. Using the newest approaches to ETL we help set data free. We have helped clients automate legacy billing flows and correlated multiple data sources to achieve a unified feed, including dashboards and analytics.

Customer churn models

For a variety of subscription services we have developed deep customer analytics and highly precise churn models to help our clients build stronger, longer lasting customer relationships.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Clever Software and Human Smarts we help you improve customer satisfaction, grow revenue, improve profitability and make predictions about the future. We build what you cannot buy.

How can we help?

For any questions regarding our services or how we can help, please reach out to Mikkel Riis at +45 6148 5070 or mri@venzo.com.