We are dedicated to integrations

Digitizing your business, integrating the supply chain, moving to the cloud – almost all significant IT projects require integration of data and processes. We are dedicated to enable integrations across all domains and technology platforms.

What we offer

Advisory on platform selection, best practices, governance and implementation models. Our services are performed by market leading experts and span multiple integration platforms.

Our services

Digital Integration Hub

How to make a truly decoupled landscape that allows for fast, flexible and reliable integrations? Introducing the Digital Integration Hub, which is a combination of existing tools and methods with a data persistence layer.

The Digital Integration Hub enables legacy systems for API integration and will be the foundation for a true Micro Service Architecture.

Implementation Runway

Need to migrate to a new platform, implement a new complex system into the landscape or other significant changes? Often the integration challenge is seen as a massive and complex project with huge risk of overspend and under performance.

The Implementation Runway addresses this by ensuring to identify and handle known pitfalls early on.


When integrating systems, you open data and processes to the outside world. In doing so, governance is of upmost importance to ensure security, integrity and stability. How you develop, how you give access, security by design and many other areas are handled by strong governance.

We have developed a reference governance model that can be specified to different integration platforms individually.


We have some of the most senior integration specialists on the market, all working across multiple platforms. We believe that the discipline of integration is the challenge, not the platform.

We work with the leading middleware platform technology providers with a common set of best practices and governance.

Our Implementation Process

Using a rigorous methodology in the first three phases of any integration project, the Implementation Runway phase will be a crosscut slice of the entire project. This ensures that all learnings and project specific methodologies are discovered and implemented right before the project enters agile delivery mode.

How can we help?

For any questions regarding our services or how we can help with the above, please reach out to Mikkel Iversen at +45 28 49 80 94 or miv@venzo.com.