Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees to protect your company's key assets and recognize security risks and strategies commonly used by threat actors. Our Cyber Security Awareness Training combines hands-on training about topics like phishing and CEO fraud with leadership training and continuous assessment, so you can strengthen your security posture for the long term.

Strengthen your first (and last) line of defense

Technology & good processes can do a lot to prevent security breaches. But people are still our last line of defense.

We cannot prevent a human mind from being curious or convinced of the legitimacy of a message, but we can train it into more caution when facing common security threats.

Train your employees to understand the mind of a hacker - and how to better protect key assets

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Training for lasting behavior change

With assessments, phishing campaigns, short training videos, awareness reports and leadership training, we help mitigate one of the highest security risks – people behavior.

Working with the best

We partner with Terranova Security, a leader in sustainable Security Awareness Training, to create real behavior improvements with realistic commitment.

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Gain visibility on your organization's Security Awareness level

Receive regular reports into what how your Security Awareness level is progressing - and targeted recommendations on what steps to take next to cement lasting change within your organization.

Empower your employees to protect your organization

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