Power Platform Design Sprints

A human centric approach to tackle organisational challenges

Week 1


How might we find the right opportunities to prioritise?

A series of employee workshops to uncover latent challenges and needs in everyday worklife that can be addressed as power app opportunities from a user centric perspective and prioritise them against each other.

Week 2


How might we rapidly validate opportunities before we actually build them?

A one-week design sprint to build prototypes of future employee experience scenarios using prioritised opportunities from the discover phase.

Week 3


How might we use the power platform to democratise business apps?

In the build phase we turn prototypes into real functioning Power apps with the energy of a "hackathon" jammed into a week of building, testing and learning.

In the discover phase, we run a series of 1/2 day employee workshops across the organisation, to uncover latent challenges and needs.

Through carefully designed exercises, we take a close look at everyday work situations in order to understand potential barriers in the employee experience.

By running several workshops across silos, we get a better holistic understanding of patterns in organisational similarities & differences, giving us the ability to prioritise opportunities against each other.

Our define phase is a one-week design sprint where we deep-dive on one or more selected opportunities. The process is highly visual and aims to validate the concepts with key stakeholders and users, before moving into the build phase. The output is a realistic prototype of future scenarios that can be tested & validated with users at the end of the week.

The design sprint can be facilitated for a client team of 6-8 people for maximum learning experience or can be run fully with a design team from our end if internal resources are unavailable.

The build phase is basically a “hackathon”, where we turn validated prototypes into actual powerapps in a fast paced highly energetic setting.

The hackathon can be used as a training event to grow internal capabilities and learn together with our power platform experts.

Don’t have experience in your team – don’t worry – our experts can help with building Powerapps and teach your team how to build for the future?

Want to know more?

Please reach out to Philip Rørvig,
Director, WeSprint, design & innovation by VENZO.
(p) +45 40 54 40 70
(e) psr@venzo.com

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