Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

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With proactive threat hunting, automated response playbooks and a team of certified security analysts, we offer THE tailored Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to handle your security incidents.

The alerts stack up from day to day and you are not quite sure what concerns you more:

— That you have no way of finding out which one is actually important until you look into it, or that you have reached that special point of alert fatigue where any notification just rolls off your brain like water off a duck’s back.

How do I reduce my security alerts?

Why is 'service enhancement' so expensive?

How can I get the specialists on my team?

Why do SOC companies want our data?

How do I get more out of Microsoft Sentinel?

How do I build custom alerts that really detect our risks?

Your new Security Colleagues are here.

Microsoft-certified and battle-tested, we care about maturing your security and responding professionally and quickly to your security incidents.

Yes, we detect and respond to threats and risks to your organization – and also help with onboarding of new logs to your SIEM and development of custom detection use cases.

No two customers are the same, so our MDR service is customizable, but here is (some of) what you can get:

Neither adversaries nor unhappy security accidents abide the rules and limits of usual package plans. We believe that unlimited professional incident handling should be the standard for MDR everywhere.

Get trained incident handlers.
Get unlimited incident handling.

The cyber security ‘meta’ changes constantly, and even the most sophisiticated tool needs time to be updated or patched to catch the newest suspicious behavior.

That is where our passionate threat hunters come in: We stay up to date with the newest security news and scour your systems for the newest threads of shady behavior.

Get threat hunting executed by real humans.
Get detailed threat hunting reports.
Get your environments regularly checked professionally.

Sad but true: Security incidents rarely keep to your security team’s regular business hours. Therefore, our MDR service includes a 24/7 incident response to ensure that no critical events go unhandled, day or night.

Get your nightly incident response covered.
Get your weekend incident response covered.

Our experience with customers of different sizes, industries and technology stacks teaches us that every organization is unique, and that no two environments are the same; further, every incident is its own distinct entity, and every SOC or response team its own ecosystem.

We are specialized in building custom dashboards, alert rules, automation flows and more to create meaningful, useful tools and detections for your environments and teams.

Get custom alert rules.
Get custom automation flows.
Get custom dashboards.
Get to keep what we build for you.

Perhaps the most annoying experience in the world is the shuffling-around of responsibilities when you bring on externals. In our opinion, that is no way to work, and no way to live. Before we even touch our keyboards, we make sure that there is a clear responsibility alignment for incident response that all parties can agree on. And regardless of those details, you will be in personal contact with security analysts that care for your security first.

Get clear responsibility alignment.
Get personal contact to security analysts.

We know how hard it is to get technical experts on your team. Our security analysts are Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender experts who are on top of the latest features and changes to Microsoft security products.

Get Microsoft 365 Defender experts.
Get Sentinel experts.

Whether you prefer to have full control about how we access your tenant or domain, or you would rather we used our own SIEM to handle your incidents – we are ready to take up the mantle.

When we work in your environment, we put our development and effort into it. We mature your SIEM, not our platform.

Get professional development of your environment.
Get your SIEM matured.
Get to keep your data.

Service enhancement can be a hassle to navigate, especially with more opaque contractual terms. We don’t play those games. Utilize included hours for service enhancements for projects, consultancy and MDR improvements.

Get continuous service enhancement.
Get included hours for service enhancement.

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ISS: Securing a modern digital workplace on a global scale

ISS World Services, a leading workplace experience and facility management company, chose VENZO’s MDR service to improve their security posture and to protect them on their strategic journey of modernizing IT on a global scale.
ISS needed a partner that could keep them safe in the modern digital workplace, and across hybrid-cloud environments.

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