Human centric strategy, design & innovation

Our perspective

Human focus

The goal with any service is to meet user / customer needs. We gain human insights by applying empathy, observing, and asking the right questions.


We never design in isolation. 
To understand your context, we collaborate with relevant users, customers, teams, and stakeholders.

Design, test, iterate

All design can be improved.
We design and test with actual users to learn how to improve based on real data and KPI’s, not guess work.

Speed and craft

The ability to move fast is an essential part of innovation culture. We combine the speed of innovation methods with quality design craft.

Our main concern

How might we bridge the gap between strategy & execution?

Today, many organisations are working against the clock to bring new technologies to life.We help them discover, test, validate & de-risk new tech opportunities by applying well documented design thinking approaches delivered with speed as design sprints.

Time boxed design

Our approach is simple. We are designers and design thinkers at the core and we structure our work in design sprints.

Time boxing design sprints creates a fantastic energy for change and helps align the organisation by connecting important stakeholders from different parts of the organisation.

We help clients by facilitating, running, and training design processes in design sprints.

Our design sprints 
are like five-day hackathonsfor solving big challenges

We have taken the best from GV Design Sprint and customised it to fit our purpose and client needs. We facilitate our sprints face-to-face or remotely.

The sprint process can be run as a full week facilitated sprint or a 4-days process as a two-day facilitated workshop with client plus two-days prototyping and testing without client.   

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Let us know if you are interested in.

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