We are a highly specialized security partner offering a unique combination of deep IAM & Security Analytics competencies.

Our point of view

Our core belief is that security should be viewed as a business enabler and as a business process optimization opportunity - not as an obstacle to running your business smoothly.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate experienced experts providing security advisory, design, implementation and managed security services.

Our services

We can help reduce risk by providing tangiable solutions for your company


In many phases of your security initiatives, we can be your preferred trusted advisor.
Our key competencies are within these tasks:

  • Technical security health check
  • Assessments
  • Security process development
  • Vendor & technology selection
  • Data quality analysis

Security Analytics

SAC Services

We advise, implement or fully manage your Security Analytics Center. By creating the visibility & capabilities to efficiently detect and respond to security threats in your environment.

Emergency Response

Who are you going to call - if you experience a serious compromise? Trained and experienced professionals are available to assist with your security incident response.

Rent a Hacker

Let an ethical hacker find the security holes before the wrong people do. An active security test of your infrastructure, system or application.

Identity & Access Management

Identity Governance & Admin

Lower the risk of excessive access or fraud with better access controls, improve delivery of access to the right people, increase user productivity and reduce the admin Overhead of access requests.

Privileged Identity/Access Management

Protect organizations against the accidental or deliberate misuse of privileged access by restructuring the authorization and monitoring of privileged users is the best way to prevent attacks.

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