At VENZO Business Consulting, we love to solve problems. We are passionate about people and organisations and seek to drive long term impact.

We share our knowledge and experience with our customers by applying a pragmatic approach to best practices. We bring projects and solutions to life through successful management and implementation.

We put theory to the test and we prioritize delivering value over communicating value.

All our services are built on a fundamental belief that we can reduce complexity while achieving fast benefits.

Our services

Project Management
Unlocking the potential of people is a core competency for a project manager - what if this could be instilled into all projects?

Change Management
Often users are perceived as a "stakeholder" to manage. Our approach drive value from close cooperation with users in the projects.

IT Service Continuity Management
We provide clarity and insights to how to build resilient business processes based on resilient IT services.

Contract Management
We help you unlock the contract potential while maintaining strong stakeholder relations.

Business Process Excellence
We bridge the gap between the desired business process and the actual process by using a strong Change Management approach.