VENZO_ nxt is a customer facing digital garage, building what our customers cannot buy. As our new automation engineer you will be helping our industry clients create more meaningful jobs with custom-made software within the field of AI and automation.  

Intelligent automation is the next journey for companies that have waited for robotics process automation (RPA) to mature and are ready for the next step.

While RPA tends to focus on automating repetitive and rule-based processes, intelligent automation on the other hand incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, structured data interaction and smart document processing to deliver more robust and intelligent services.

As our new automation engineer you will be contributing to creating more fulfilling and meaningful jobs for our clients and their employees.

Why join us?

Join us if you are passionate about working with the latest technology and value knowledge sharing. We believe that it takes a dedicated team of experts to keep up and be on the edge of what is next in cloud.

At VENZO_nxt, we are all driven by a fundamental belief that the cloud revolution will completely change the way IT is delivered to business. The future competitive edge lies in the ability to keep up and combine existing services and off-the-shelf algorithms with custom solutions to address business problems. These new IT platforms are changing the accessibility of truly innovative & digital solutions as well as the speed of delivery.

VENZO_nxt is a diverse team with solid expertise within the field of software development, data science and data engineering. We value our informal and easy-going attitude at work and take pride in showing our clients what is next in terms of solutions and products.

Who are we looking for?

A VENZO_ automation engineer should above all be able to interact with and understand our customers business needs as well as bring a number of tech skills.

Working closely together with business and design thinking consultants, we are looking for people who can:

  • Relate to a customer’s business pain and quickly grasp the end-to-end process to be designed
  • Understand and integrate off-the shelf algorithms like Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Build end-to-end low code solutions on the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Power Apps)
  • Code integrations and business logic in either C#, Python or node
  • Connect to and integrate multiple data sources
  • Work closely with Data Scientist when custom algorithms are needed
  • Work closely with Developers when custom application development is needed
  • Experience with REST based API integrations
  • Participate in customer workshops and pre-sales activities

What would you be doing?

You can expect to be working on very different client projects with a duration of approximately three to six months across a wide range of industries.

On projects, you will be part of a small multi disciplinary team with access to a wide range of experts within the field of architecture & DevOps as well as data science, AI and agile project management. At VENZO_nxt we support your every-day learning and create a strong network for you to succeed with your project deliverables.

While on the project, you can expect to have daily contact with your VENZO_nxt team, be part of our Tech Fridays where we deep-dive into latest tech-insight, and have the opportunity to participate in our social events including everything from running challenges to beer tasting events.


VENZO provides human-centric, digital innovation and technical leadership. We have a playful environment, with a large degree of freedom and self-governance. We have a relaxed attitude while working hard to provide the best possible advisory and solutions to our customers. We want to challenge you, and to be challenged by you. We offer an attractive workplace in a flexible and modern working environment where there is room to grow.

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Let’s talk!

If you want to know more or want to apply, please contact Christoffer Mc Carthy Mors at or +45 8887 1541. If you think we are the perfect match, send your CV and a short mail to Anastasia Fomenko at, and we will get in touch to set up a meeting.