We are IT and business nerds understanding operation, processes, technology and IT suppliers. We are curious, committed and consistent in analyzing how IT impact or may impact your business.

We ensure that you can turn IT data flows into business revenue by collecting data and connecting people, technology and using the right tools.

Our services are modular and evolve around our longtime customer experience within IT operations, IT Service Management and IT Service providers.

Our services

Business Intelligence for IT
Metrics and measurement of the financial impact of IT.

Enterprise Service Management
Standardized datamodels for handling service management and governance across the enterprise.

Work force Management
Work force Management for IT support & Services.

Process Mining
Process Mining for IT Services & processes.

Service Integration & Management
Analytics & reporting in multi supplier setups.

Predictive SLA
SLA forecasting and prediction.

Change Analysis
Change forecasting and impact analysis of changes.

ITSM Analytics
ITIL, Cobit, SAFe and DevOps reporting & analytics.

Priotization Engine
Priotization engine for centralized governance and control of workloads across global enterprises.