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We focus on ideation and creative problem solving through the use of emerging technologies

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About VENZO Innovate

VENZO Innovate was founded to answer an increasing need for rapid time to market for digital products and solutions. VENZO Innovate focuses on ideation and creative problem solving through the use of emerging technologies.

Primary areas of expertise are:

  • Facilitated Innovation
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Media Services

Did you know?

Critical time to market, defined as the time window an existing company has to improve upon an existing product or bring a new one to market in order to stay competitive has shrunken from 18 to 3 months within industries experiencing a high degree of digitalization?

How VENZO Innovate operates

The fourth industrial revolution and the third computing platform are upon us. Business models are being re-imaged through a digital lens, and big established companies are being challenged on all sides by digital rebels and some are dying a slow death by a thousand ants.

Most established companies today know they need to embrace digitalization, self-disruption and to rethink the status quo in order to compete in the next marketplace. How to go about it is another question entirely. Facing this new reality within the confines of existing organizational structures and processes can be hard. 

VENZO Innovate operates with a three step model to help companies rapidly address this new market reality.

VENZO Innovates three step model has been created to rapidly address business challenges or to mature new ideas. 
Starting with an ideation phase that consists of market research, a facilitated innovation workshop and an internship in the client company. The output is an innovation brief that describes the idea to be tested, the  suggested business model and functional specifications for the digital product.

After the ideation phase a rapid prototyping phase is entered. A rough prototype is built to test the idea put forward in the ideation brief. Should the prototype be successful the digital product is productized and a go to market strategy is formulated where needed.

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